About Us - Why Keller Williams

Why Keller Williams

Why Keller Williams

Keller Williams is a Training, Consulting and Coaching company, driven by Technology that is dedicated to the Real Estate Mediation business.
It is an international real estate company with over 110,000 real estate consultants placed in 700 offices worldwide.
KW is among the real estate companies with the highest growth in the sector since its founding.

What sets us apart? Our corporate culture!


The mission

To build worth wild careers

Businesses that are worth wild

And lives worth living


The vision

To become the best real estate company



Win-Win - or no deal

Integrity - to do what is right

Clients - Are always first

Commitment - in everything

Comunication - understand first

Creativity - ideas before results

Team work - together we reach further

Trust - starts with honesty

Success - results that involve people